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JD Sports

Facade & Interior design of the store

JD Sports store layout

Starting in 2013, with a few follow-ups of works for the JD SPORTS brand, we were the sole project manager for France and Belgium.

We have also contributed to the elaboration of the budget for each project, and have accompanied the English representatives until the realization of the project in question.

The brand's designers need precise plans in order to design their project. We made detailed surveys so that the designers and quantity surveyors have the maximum information about a new space and a store layout adapted to their image.

BSEM is a bilingual company and has a perfect command of the Anglo-Saxon culture. This allows us to understand and take into account the requests made for the head office in Bury (UK). Our meetings, depending on the needs, at their headquarters or in our offices (conference call, video call) are thus facilitated.

Because of this slight difference in culture, we work with them to combine the safety constraints and demands of the urban planners in the various cities with the cultural and identity-related wishes of the brand.

During the realization of the works, weekly meetings of building site take place on site in order to note the evolution of the works, to solve the problems which can be present or to improve the progress of the installation works. In parallel, there are also the observations of the control office, the SSI coordinator and the recommendations of the administrative services.





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