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BSEM will help you and accompany you in the creation of the layout of your delicatessen store. Contact us for more information

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Design and creation of your
delicatessen store

Image and delicacy! Spaces dedicated to the food industry must meet the expectations of a changing market, to mark their differences, assert their originality, their know-how, their philosophies.

This space must provide a unique experience, a journey through the senses even before tasting. "Tasting" the presentation, giving meaning to one's know-how, while contrasting with the technical, hygiene, safety and accessibility rules.

BSEM, in collaboration with people who are passionate about flavors and taste, develops and realizes new concepts or accompanies the implementation of existing concepts.

References and stores

Shopfitting, signage, storefronts and offices

Starbucks Restaurant

Jd Sport Store

Restaurant Crêpe Touch

Kaporal Boutique

Fresh Factory Restaurant

The Body Shop

Kaporal Boutique

Fresh Factory Restaurant

The Body Shop


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