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A restaurant is a place of reunion and conviviality.
These two elements are above all found in the layout of your restaurant.
The decoration as well as the layout of a restaurant are two essential criteria to attract a new clientele but also to retain your customers.

Restaurant design, a key element for your success.

More and more restaurants are currently failing, the primary cause being poor management, this can be mainly through poor optimization of the place.

Some examples of success criteria for a good restaurant layout:

For your customers
- Optimize the number of covers
- Make the space welcoming & friendly
- Create a specific identity for the restaurant
- Improve the waiting time of the customers
- Respect the intimacy of each table

For your teams:
- Facilitate the circulation of the waiters
- Facilitate the tidying up and the cleaning of the place between each service
- Improve the access to the kitchens
- Optimize the time between the kitchen and the tables
- Layout of the kitchen
- Respect of the conditions and the standards of hygiene

It is also important to work on these elements according to the type of service and target of the restaurant: fast-food, brasserie, gourmet or specialty restaurant.

All these aspects are to be taken into account in order to increase your turnover and to propose a pleasant, even unforgettable experience for your customers.

Creation of a unique identity and concept for your restaurant.

Beyond optimization, the identity dimension, i.e. the decoration and the functional aspect are essential components.

People who visit restaurants want to find a soothing setting for a relaxing and enjoyable time alone, as a couple, with family or with friends. Your restaurant must reflect these feelings of well-being and must therefore have an ideal layout for a reunion. Then comes the notion of functionality, is the furniture chosen with care to facilitate the life of employees when it comes to storage? Choosing benches will increase the number of seats and therefore a higher turnover, nevertheless you should not neglect the spaces between the tables to allow customers to be in a space where they feel comfortable. Also avoid placing the toilets too close to the tables, install the reception close to the entrance to promote a warm welcome. The goal? That these people become loyal customers.

When it comes to decoration, the visual identity of a restaurant is not the only factor. The customer experience must touch all the senses in addition to taste, such as smell, music, beauty, comfort and ease. It is essential to work on a specific design taking into account all these senses according to your concept and your customers.
These parameters will make your restaurant a place known for having a pleasant time while eating delicious food.

BSEM designs and builds your restaurant.

BSEM's professional team provides you with a personalized accompaniment to guide you in the choices to be made regarding all aspects of the layout: decorative elements, shades, colors and materials, psychological and commercial aspects to attract new customers, intelligent optimization of the space with strict respect of the budget and deadlines.

With its years of experience and its great sense of listening, BSEM will optimize the workplaces of the employees of your catering establishment so that they can carry out their work in an ergonomic place, comfortable while respecting the standards of hygiene required.

Thanks to our experience, we undertake in respect of the French norms and laws on all the different national regulations and other requests coming from the administrations, notably those of the control offices.

The steps to create the layout and design of your restaurant:

  • Study & listen to your needs
  • Respect for your requirements: location, deadlines, budget & constraints
  • Proposal of concepts & universes
  • Realization of 2D and 3D plan and photomontage of your space in order to project you in your future restaurant
  • Creation of architectural plans, survey and layout of your space.
  • Choice of colors / materials / furniture & decoration
  • Front of your restaurant
  • Works , maconnery, plastering and false ceilings
  • Wall and floor coverings
  • Plumbing, air conditioning and HVAC
  • Manufacturing & design of furniture
  • Delivery of the elements and installations by our teams
  • Final layout and cleaning of your restaurant
  • A maintenance and soap service on all our restaurants.

In this field where the competition is tough, it is necessary to put the means and time in the layout of your restaurant to be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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