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BSEM will assist you in the creation and layout of your kiosk.
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Bsem operates in France and in Europe

create your Kiosk

Visible and functional! Because of their limited space, kiosks must be designed not only as visible advertising supports, but also as functional ones, making the most of the smallest space.

To be visible in shopping malls, public places or trade shows, to give a professional image through a well thought out work space, is to invest in profitability.

3d images

All our projects start with the creation of a 3d image so that you can validate the project before the work begins.

References and stores

Shopfitting, signage, storefronts and offices

Your business is useful to the well-being of everyone, it must be valued in an appropriate space,
profitable by its concept in a place where it is good to live.

Ours is to accompany your project. For that, we care to be with your listening,
with a daily vigour, but always ready to innovate in the pleasure to satisfy you.


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